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To realize a maximum return, a listing must be given the time and effort to present it properly. My approach is a total one, building from the ground up. Everything my team and I do is part of a comprehensive plan with proven processes that leads to a successful sale. Marketing strategy is key. It puts my listings up front and makes me one of the most visible brokers on the East End. What you don’t see, at work behind the scenes, is a well-oiled machine, with exhaustive attention to detail. I have built my business, today with four full-time assistants, to give every seller, every buyer, every renter and every landlord, the attention they deserve.

In the Beginning…

Just the Facts

Just the Facts

We start by understanding every nuance of your real estate‭, ‬literally from the ground up including property details‭, ‬house infrastructure‭, ‬amenities and layout‭. ‬We present it fully with photography‭, ‬video‭, ‬renderings‭, ‬surveys and maps‭. ‬Details form the backbone of a campaign that appears online‭, ‬in print and in person via and‭, ‬various other websites‭,‬‭ ‬social media‭, ‬a detailed multi-page brochure‭, ‬personal presentations to the brokerage community and targeted advertising to potential buyers‭.‬

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It’s a Story

Presenting your property properly is mission critical‭.

Presenting your property properly is mission critical‭. ‬I craft a story about your home and property that becomes the heart and soul of your listing‭. ‬Facts are cast in a lifestyle context to help the buyer imagine what it will be like living in their new Hamptons home

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Accountability Counts

Every aspect of a listing is recorded and kept by my office‭. ‬

Home owners know each and every time someone sets foot into their house whether it’s for photography‭, ‬special measurements‭, ‬a broker preview‭, ‬an open house‭, ‬buyer viewing or media profiling‭.‬

The Last Mile . . .

Seamless, Smooth Sailing

Seamless, Smooth Sailing

Accepting the offer is the easy part‭. ‬I follow every listing personally through to the end‭. ‬I navigate potentially turbulent waters to keep both buyer and seller calm‭. ‬Getting the contract signed and getting to closing is what I consider the finish line‭. ‬My team manages every little detail so nothing is left to chance‭. ‬Service is seamless‭, ‬whether it is to negotiate contract changes or the sale of furnishings‭, ‬to secure a certificate of occupancy to allow the closing to occur or even to facilitate the switch over of utilities and services before handing over the keys‭. ‬We take great pride in reducing the seller’s burden during the transaction process‭. ‬

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